Waste Tires are Mosquito Homes

Tires left outside will collect water, creating an inviting mosquito habitat.

In 2021 mosquitoes reproducing in containers including tires accounted for 30% of all TIPS submitted within the District.

Within the District the mosquito that makes tires its habitat is the Aedes albopictus. Aedes albopictus are most active during the daylight hours.

The District recommends removal of waste tires from your yard as the treatment for mosquitoes originating from these types of containers.

Department of Environmental Protection Works with Mosquito Control

Florida Department of Environmental Protection Logo

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) works with Counties and Mosquito Control Districts throughout the state to assist in the removal of waste tires from residential areas. Tire Amnesty Day Events are held by the District during the year with DEP funding operations for the event.

Flagler County residents may bring up to 8 tires (no rims) for disposal at no cost to the resident. Events will be on this webpage as well as all social media channels.

If you are with a Mosquito Control District and would like more information about this funding opportunity please contact the DEP

Florida Statute and Local City Ordinances Regarding Mosquito Breeding