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What are TIPS?

TIPS are Citizen Information that can aid the District in its operations. They are not requests to treat or spray an area.

TIPS may deploy a Field Technician to the area to investigate a concern, if appropriate.

TIPS are generated online, by voicemail, or by email. They are usually responded to within 72 hours.

TIPS do NOT provide for individual treatments of a home or business.

TIPS are not necessary for spray operations.

Daily surveillance is used to justify all treatments as required by law.

We can only respond to mosquito TIPS within the District.

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Please note we may not contact you unless you give permission to inspect your property so we can properly evaluate the situation as all applications of pesticides require justification based on the presence of mosquitoes. 

We can only respond to mosquito tips within the District and typically send a technician to survey your yard when mosquito activity does not justify spraying. 

Starting in 2022, the District has logged all citizen tips on mosquito activity throughout Flagler County and may provide services outside our boundaries only if contracted to do so by the County.  

Residents outside the District residing in Espanola, Rima Ridge, and Daytona North have special assessments as a funding source that allow the County to pay for contracted mosquito services and receive mosquito treatments periodically. Communications about these treatments come from official Flagler County sources

All other areas outside the District receive spraying ONLY in emergencies, such as after a hurricane, and these operations are performed by plane by a FEMA paid contractor.

Questions about swales or canals?

The District does not maintain the canals or control aquatic vegetation.
Contact the City of Palm Coast 

Phone : (386) 986-2360 Email : [email protected]