Spray operations are usually conducted between 10 PM and 6 AM, typically after midnight.

There is no set spray schedule as required by law.

All applications of pesticides require justification. Justification is based on the presence of mosquitoes.

The District monitors traps year round on a daily basis to assess the populations of the 48 species of mosquito found in Flagler County. Trapping allows mosquito activity to be documented so that the District can apply pesticides legally to suppress the mosquito population.

Spray missions are timed after sunset and before sunrise to minimize any harm to pollinator and other beneficial insects.

The map below is updated by noon each day, based on daily surveillance and trap data. This information is also shared on our social media platforms.

For historical data please see our District Updates Page

Zones Scheduled for Treatments tonight:

  • Zones in Yellow are scheduled for treatment this evening
  • Green areas on map are undeveloped with heavy vegetation, these areas are not accessible by truck.
  • If no areas are highlighted there are no spray missions scheduled.
  • You can also use this map to find your Zone. Simply type your address in the search bar on the upper right corner of the map. The map will then zoom in tight to the location you input, zoom out a bit to show the Zone.